Staying mindful

It’s been such a struggle for me to remember to be mindful. I keep getting so tied to my emotions that I often forget to take myself out of the situation. I know the theory and I understand the importance I just struggle with it. I’ve had a few rough days in part because of this. I think I might increase my meditation up to five minutes because I’ve gotten into the habit now and I think more quiet time would help.


Eating healthy

I’m the biggest excuse maker when it comes to healthy eating. I wait until the point that I feel like I’m starving before I actually get something to eat. That leads me to making poor choices because I’m just ready to get some food. Even that’s just an excuse. I guess I just haven’t weeded out all of my bad habits just yet. I have added this to my mindfulness list but I’m finding that this is just a slow process.

Crazy brain

My mind is all over the place all of the time. It’s really a wonder that I can even get anything done ever. When I imagine a visual image of how I feel my mind works, I see a squirrel on speed. Random, I know but the things that run through my head are too. Like for these blog posts, I will come up with like 7 or 8 topics during the day to write about but then once I start writing, something completely different comes out. I’m guessing this is what the meditation will eventually help with but I’m certainly not there yet.