Eating healthy

I’m the biggest excuse maker when it comes to healthy eating. I wait until the point that I feel like I’m starving before I actually get something to eat. That leads me to making poor choices because I’m just ready to get some food. Even that’s just an excuse. I guess I just haven’t weeded out all of my bad habits just yet. I have added this to my mindfulness list but I’m finding that this is just a slow process.



Just about every blog that I have read that helps with any form of self-improvement says to start small with anything you want to change. For me, this has been developing a meditation habit. Every morning after I brush my teeth I set the timer on my phone for two minutes of meditation. I do my best to focus on my breathing but my mind wanders a lot. I’m going to keep at it until it becomes second nature but right now my brain is a bag of crazy. I do enjoy the momentary peace on the days when my mind calms down though.