The importance of breathing is so underrated.  I sometimes find myself holding my breath for extended periods during my workday.  I don’t even realize I’m doing it until I notice that my eyes feel dried out and my head begins to hurt.  I think that because of the hectic pace and high stress levels of my job, I forget the importance just taking a moment to enjoy a deep breath.  I read a great post by Chris Asaad from The Daily Love website.  I really enjoyed the message and I will try to keep it with me as I work tomorrow…



Something has changed in me. I’ve come pretty close to this point before but now something is different. I’m done. I refuse to continue disliking what I do everyday. I refuse to continue to live by someone else’s rules. My life is too important to waste it wondering how to get to the next level. It’s time for me to just jump. The way I see it I will  either fall and learn one way not to do it or I will fly even higher than I ever thought. No more bs. I’m putting in writing because I’m super serious. I AM READY TO LEVEL UP MY LIFE!

Staying mindful

It’s been such a struggle for me to remember to be mindful. I keep getting so tied to my emotions that I often forget to take myself out of the situation. I know the theory and I understand the importance I just struggle with it. I’ve had a few rough days in part because of this. I think I might increase my meditation up to five minutes because I’ve gotten into the habit now and I think more quiet time would help.

Eating healthy

I’m the biggest excuse maker when it comes to healthy eating. I wait until the point that I feel like I’m starving before I actually get something to eat. That leads me to making poor choices because I’m just ready to get some food. Even that’s just an excuse. I guess I just haven’t weeded out all of my bad habits just yet. I have added this to my mindfulness list but I’m finding that this is just a slow process.

Socially awkward

I am ridiculously awkward in any social situation.  I never know how to respond and then when I finally do pick some sort of awkward thing to say or do, I always feel like it’s the wrong thing.  I suspect that people might think I’m strange (I know I do) but I never really know how people perceive me.  I know this is a result of me not being comfortable with myself.  I have gotten much better but I still think about it.

Crazy brain

My mind is all over the place all of the time. It’s really a wonder that I can even get anything done ever. When I imagine a visual image of how I feel my mind works, I see a squirrel on speed. Random, I know but the things that run through my head are too. Like for these blog posts, I will come up with like 7 or 8 topics during the day to write about but then once I start writing, something completely different comes out. I’m guessing this is what the meditation will eventually help with but I’m certainly not there yet.


At some point not too long ago, I thought it was absolutely too scary for me to be alone. I didn’t like going anywhere by myself and I was always nervous when my husband left the house. I think this was because I just didn’t trust myself. I had this idea that I couldn’t take care of myself so I just didn’t trust myself alone. Now that I’ve been on this path of self-exploration and discovery, I actually enjoy my time alone. When I’m alone I come up with ways to solve my problems and I’m able to clear a lot of the mental junk that gets caught in my head. I don’t get add much of it with a full time job and a one year old kid, but I squeeze in moments when I can.


I am beginning to realize that in order to create a daily writing habit I will need to write after a certain trigger instead of at a certain time of day. This will help when my schedule or routine changes so that I won’t slack off on my habit. For writing, I think I will set it after I take my daily medicine since I already have an alarm set for that.

One thing at a time…not

So everything that I have been reading about changing yourself suggests to start small and work on changing one thing at a time. I’m sure that’s sound advice but I find myself working on multiple things at once. I may look back and kick myself later but for now I’m content with simultaneously getting out of debt, building a lifestyle business, meditating more, eating more healthy foods, writing every day and reducing the amount of useless stuff that I buy. I guess what should be at the top of my list is learning to be more patient, but I’ll just keep up what I’m doing for now.